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A Surface ACE®

Owner, Manufacturer and Distributor of Latex·ite® recreational coatings: proven winner since 1945.
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Track Excellence

The Dalton Re-Track® acrylic coating system is THE choice for athletes. Installed at over 250 high schools, colleges and municipalities.
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Need Hot Pour?

We now offer BOXLESS!
From our time tested PL200 to DF, Dalton offers a full range of specified joint sealants.
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Welcome to Dalton Coatings

NEWS! As of this this update we, as the owner of LATEX●ITE®, are pleased to expand our network and offer LATEX●ITE® color coatings to the entire United States and Worldwide (LATEX●ITE® is no longer manufactured or distributed by American Tennis Courts (owned by California Products Corp. /Audax Group).


LATEX●ITE® is a high quality line of acrylic color for tennis, basketball and latex running tracks that we ship from 4 strategic points in the US: CT, WI, FL and CA. Please contact us at to learn how to become an authorized LATEX●ITE® applicator and add more profits to your bottom line! 


For specified LATEX●ITE® jobs or if submitting as an alternate please visit our resources section to download spec sheets. 



Thank you for visiting our website! We are proud to ship you the highest quality recreational coatings and pavement maintenance products. We hope you find our site an easy reference guide for you as it contains our catalog, specifications and ordering information. Give us a call or email us if you would like to discuss purchasing or becoming a distributor: our pricing is competitive and we offer best in class service. We have 4 locations strategically located to service you (CT, WI, CA, FL) and we also ship internationally. The customer comes first and from our over 40 years of both application and manufacturing experience we know what you need to succeed: Quality, Value and Service!